Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Souris West.



WEDNESDAY – JUNE 01, 2022 | 6:30 p.m.

Location: Souris Access PEI Boardroom

Mayor O’Connor and Council extend a warm welcome to all residents to attend!

It’s your community….find out what’s happening!

To have matters of interest put before the Council, please contact the CAO for matters such as:

  • requesting the opportunity to speak to the Council
  • bringing municipal issues to the Council’s attention
  • requesting information on Council activities or budgets
  • making a request for grant funding 


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) :  Ms. Sonya Martin

Email:   rmofsouriswest@gmail.com 


RMSW Sheep Pond Beach Cleanup – Tuesday – MAY 31, 2022 – 6:00 P.M.

Bring your own mug, we will supply the coffee – water – juice!

Bags and garbage pickup supplied.


Rural Municipality of Souris West (RMSW)

Newsletter – January 2022-#01

The Mayor and Council of the Municipality of Souris West extend warm greetings and wishes for a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!

What is our role as a Municipality?

The Municipalities Act in 1983 converted the existing CICs (Community Improvement Committees), including the “Community of Souris West”. In 2017 the “Community of Souris West” became the “Rural Municipality of Souris West”; being the oldest incorporated CIC on PEI since 1972.

Prior to 1972 community meetings were called “Farm Forums” and individuals took turns hosting the committee. A radio program hosted by Hartwell Daily was listened to and a highlight of the meeting.

Section 13, 14., of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) under “Municipal Services, general” – provides that every municipality established under this Act, shall provide in or for all areas of the municipality;

  1. Fire Protection
  2. Emergency Measures Planning

Fire Services:

Currently, Souris West purchases fire protection services from the Town of Souris. These services consist of:

  • 6 trucks; pumper – forest/brush fire – rescue
  • Off road rescue vehicle – utility trailer – rescue boat
  • New for 2022 a custom pumper truck
  • Support services for EMS and RCMP when needed
  • 30 Volunteer Firemen – fully trained
  • Mutual agreement with neighbouring departments for assistance with structural fires
  • They meet every Monday – 1st Monday is a meeting, the other 3 Mondays are spent training and/or maintaining equipment

The Fire Services cost is approximately $31K per year out of the Municipalities annual tax revenue base of $36K per year. This leaves the municipality in a state of operating at minimal capacity.

Souris West Emergency Management Program Bylaw and Emergency Management Plan:

At the December 1st and 6th 2021 Souris West Council Meetings the Municipal Emergency Management Program Bylaw was read, approved and adopted.

At both of these meetings an “Inter-Municipal Agreement Bylaw” was also approved. The purpose of this agreement allows the RMSW to enter into an agreement with the Town of Souris PEI to provide the following Emergency Measures Services:

  1. Provide Residents of Souris West access to the Town of Souris Reception Centre – “Eastern Kings Sportsplex” located at 203 Main St., Souris PE C0A 2B0
  2. Any fees associated with the use of the Town of Souris Reception Centre by the residents of Souris West will be reimbursed by the RMSW.

Contact Information for the PEI EMO:

Phone or Toll free: 1-902-894- 0385 | 1-877-894-0385

Visit us at: www.peipublicsafety.ca

PEI Office of Public Safety on facebook and twitter @PEIPublicSafety

Sign up for public alerts: www.gov.pe.ca/publicalerts

Your Emergency Plan websites:

Government of Canada: www.GetPrepared.ca

Environment Canada: www.ec.gc.ca

The Canadian Hurricane Center:


RMSW 2022 Schedule of Meetings:

Section 110.(3) of the  MGA states that “a Council shall establish an Annual Schedule of Meetings for the conduct of its business, of which at least six meetings each year will be open to the public.

Council Meetings for 2022 are posted on our current website:




MARCH 10th (Financial Plan 2022-23 Presentation)

MARCH 23rd


MAY 4th

Please note that meetings are subject to change, check the website to stay updated.

Volunteers Grow Communities!

The Rural Municipality of Souris West is looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

November 7, 2022 Municipal Election

If you are interested, please contact the CAO at:


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